Hospitality and customer service are in our DNA. We strongly believe that one of the keys to life is to follow your passion and call it work. The team at Top of the Ridge Farm Bed & Breakfast is always available to help. Come and enjoy a bespoke getaway with us.

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Tatiana and Gino purchased “the big white farmhouse on top of the ridge” in 2015 and spend a good part of the following four years renovating it into what is now Top of the Ridge Farm Bed & Breakfast. 

Tatiana, a native of Italy, completed her university degree in Milan, Italy before coming to the States and settling in Massachusetts to further her studies in Computer Graphic Design and Communication. After several years working in a corporate environment in localization and content creation as a Program Manager, she finally decided it was time to fully dedicate her time to her true passion. You will most likely find her in the kitchen, preparing some mouth-watering Italian desserts or testing out new delicious recipes.

Gino is originally from Connecticut but his parents emigrated from Italy so he was exposed to Italian food (his dad was a chef) and culture since the beginning. After years of living in Manchester, NH, he was ready to experience the gorgeous countryside. Gino is the handyman every person wishes they had around and he is the happiest when taking care of the property and at the bar, preparing some inspired cocktails. 

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Our two lovable rescue pups, Chelsea and Moose, are the inn brand ambassadors and official greeters. Chelsea, the St. Bernard, is a goofy drool-bucket, who doesn’t realize she is as big as a pony but still wants to get to your face to kiss you properly. Moose, the Golden Retriever, can’t wait to bring you his latest toy and show you some mean salsa butt moves.