Top 5 Reasons to Stay at a B&B

With the warm season upon us, you are most likely thinking of where you can escape for a quiet and relaxing vacation or one filled with activities and events (or something in between). You go online and look around and you find a ton of possibilities: hotel, motel, bed & breakfast inn, someone’s home, …. I am here to to show you why a bed & breakfast is the perfect choice for you. B&B’s truly are different from any other lodging option in the best possible way. But before we get started…

How should I book? Book direct, always!

Let me share something you may not be aware of. When you are googling and searching for hotels, 9 times out of 10 you will get results displayed by the OTAs. What are those? They are the online travel agencies (such as Expedia, Booking, Travelocity, Airbnb, etc.) who have enough advertising dollars to show up at the top of most searches.

Now, for research purposes those are fine I guess but here’s a dirty little secret: not every lodging is listed on them. A property has to join and it costs a lot of money in commissions (paid to the OTAs) to fulfill a booking through them. If a property decides to use them they will certainly have a ton of exposure but they will likely have higher rates displayed on those sites and different offerings (for example, some freebies are not included or only certain rooms are made available). And, as crazy as it sounds, it often happens that properties that are not on the OTAs (maybe they were in the past and no longer are) will still show up in the search but they will show as having no availability, thus falsely directing a potential guest to a different place. How’s that right???

So, if you want the best guaranteed rate (often including more perks and better cancellation policies), be smart and BOOK DIRECT! #bookdirect

Why should I stay at a B&B? Particularly, at Top of the Ridge Farm B&B?

1. We are not all created equal

You will not find two B&B’s that are alike. From type of building, to decor, to food options. You have Victorian places, ranches, farmhouses, lofts, lodges. And these are just some examples. Top of the Ridge Farm Bed & Breakfast is located in the peaceful and beautiful pre-Revolutionary War town of New Durham (pop. ~2,500) in the southern portion of the lakes region of New Hampshire. We are thrilled to be able to bring this gorgeous 1810 New England post and beam farmhouse back to its original character. You won’t find heavy curtains or ’80s-style bedding or an overwhelming amount of “stuff” collecting dust everywhere because that is not us and does not fit our vision for our place. We like clean, fresh, simple, and just the right amount of antique to make the place welcoming, relaxed, and luxurious.

2. You will feel at home

We will greet you when you arrive and we are always available to make your stay the most enjoyable possible but you won’t find us intruding while you relax. Do you need recommendations for dinner or for a hike with your pup? We have you covered. Do you just want to sit on your personal balcony enjoying the magnificent views with a book or (and!) a glass of wine? Do you dream of a bountiful breakfast, delicious baked sweets available anytime and bread right out of the oven accompanying cheese and meat platters? Check! Your time is your own here at the farm. With almost 6 acres of rolling fields on top of the ridge on a quiet dirt road, an orchard (still growing!), wooded paths, large decks and patios, and beautiful gardens, you can kick back and relax knowing your privacy will be our priority. You can be assured that we will go above and beyond to make your stay a five-star rated and memorable experience.

3. We are your local experts

We live here so we know the area and what it has to offer, in any season. And if we don’t know? We know who to ask. Another local. You won’t get this type of concierge service at any hotel or airbed property. Because we have experienced most of it ourselves, we can recommend local attractions, places to eat, and “off the beaten path” drives or hikes you won’t find anywhere else. Not only that but we are also big proponents of using local products as much as possible, from our own eggs, to bacon and sausage from the farm down the road, to fresh fruits and vegetables from the nearby fields.

4. You are protected

A true B&B is regulated, fully insured, regularly inspected, pays the appropriate taxes, and is a legal business. Your hosts live on site and breakfast is always included. Be careful when renting rooms or even entire homes through some of the OTAs because you won’t be getting any of this. Do you really want to risk it?

5. The FOOD!!!

I mean, honestly. It’s in the name! And we are inspected so you know the standards are high. Where else can you be treated to scrumptious eggs Benedict, mouth-watering pancakes, scones, sausages and bacon, tarts, omelettes, fresh fruit, … ? And that’s just the breakfast part. More often than not, other treats are available during your stay. You will not go home hungry, that’s for sure! Now, I am Italian (of the “right off the boat” kind) so I have been told that the love of creating delicious food is in my genes. At Top of the Ridge Farm Bed & Breakfast, you will not only find dishes that are typical of the area (using local ingredients) but also several I brought back from home (we love our sweets in the morning, non e’ vero?). Throughout the day don’t be surprised to find freshly baked ciabatta, focaccia, or other country-style bread. Want some home-made jam or Nutella to go with that? Or some local cheese or salami? Pronti! And if you find yourself checking in late and tired or if the snow is a bit more than anticipated, just join us for dinner. We always have something cooking on the stove.

Don’t delay! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see how the renovations are coming along. We can’t wait to have you stay with us!