Afternoon Sweets & Evening Cicchetti

We like to give you many reasons to relax and pause here at Top of the Ridge Farm Bed & Breakfast.

You will always find complimentary sweets available through the day, from Italian tarts and cookies, to American favorites. 

In the evening, come join us for some delicious cicchetti (Ci·cchet·ti: /CHiˈkedē/) and some wine or beer in our Libations Room where you can enjoy some private time or talk to other guests or to the innkeepers and make plans for the rest of your stay. Cicchetti are typical Venetian savory snacks or small plates and side dishes, typically served in a bar or informal restaurant. They change every day based on what’s in season and on the mood of the chef. Ask for a list of available cicchetti, wine, and beer available for purchase.